Sunday' mojo that comes with this disk is so full on that these widely unknown yet totally legendary cats 're right in th' room as this spins 'n lets go o' its karmik magik...recorded at th' ann arbor blues 'n jazz fest '73, cats that roamed th' detroit 'nvirons like one string sam, mr. bo, joe l. 'n washboard willie get th' chance to show out for th' people...und'rground heads, factory line scufflers 'n cats outta hock 'n on th' block equaly dig th' kwalitee o' these true to th' bone bloozas...this disk is sequenced just right, its flows thru th' list'ner leavin life 'firmin vibes that stay long after it has faded away waitin to be spun once more...(for cats with some penchant for da fax this was put together by th' creative director o' th' festival john sinclair 'o motorcityfive fame 'n th' fotos by leni sinclair)...


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