...if'n ever there was a case o' hep cats havin' trouble with th'squares'n agents o' oppression it was these cats...over there in prague in th'seventies th' government was runnin' scared o' any thoughts'n ideas that had an air o' free spirit 'n freedom, hence th'plastics gettin' th'bums rush'n sufferin' all kinds o' harassment'n bad vibes...havin' party style gigs in outta town farms 'n such well away from cops 'n various pryin' eyes th'combo were well supported by th'czech underground 'n this spurred them on to tape their music in secret 'n this is their first full album(this disk is th'reissued extended with contemperanious noise) that was recorded in '74 over a period o' months...smuggled out across euroland th'tapes ended up in france'n were pressed up'n egon bondys happy hearts club banned found its way onto th' market in '78...originally it came in a foldout sleeve complete with a thick, 60page 12" book givin' th' history o' th' underground counter culture czech style...usually compared through th'years to such luminaries as th' fugs/zappa/velvets, which is all true but their influences'n style 'n interpretation/creation comes from a broad spectrum which must include th'full jazzbo vibes along with krautrock dronin'/quick cut edits(not to mention singin' in funny voices), intense real poetry 'n centuries old folk grooves 'n th'thing that kept them goin' thru th' years o' th' downpresser man'n time in th'joint-a sense o' humour, th'words maybe in a language foreign to most but th'humour shines through canterbury style with softs/caravan kinda thing, though more in th'groove than th'sound'n aint no right-on cat gonna miss it...theres a basement creepiness to this thats straight outta zappas cucamonga period o' sleazy beatnik shenanigans...add this echoed creepy voodoo to some eastern mystical riffs 'n brother theres an intense trip loomin' ready to transport th'list'ner to different times 'n ideas, ideas o' basic freedoms that horrified th'power structure into a frenzy o' bad karma spirallin' outta control ever onwards...these thoughts o' freedom even today paralyze most squares, freedom is okay in abstract form, non specific 'n harmless but those thoughts in action will bring ferocious pig activity or 'directives' to go shoppin' like th' wives from stepford...another prime example o' th'sound o' th' disk bein' almost as important as th'noise, that th'way o' th' production/recordin' is th' path to th' toppermost o' th' hep/underground poppermost such as blue cheers vincebus/th'screech from stooges first three wax/german oaks bunker bad trip plus many many loner/stoner/bad drug basement psych/echo chamber drone important document that has much to say in this century as it did in th' last, th' struggle continues in many ways on differin' levels,freax must be vigilant for th' futures uncertain...


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