...sadly when this was released(71) these cats were washed up 'n stranded outside o' nowheresville without much hope o' a ticket back...this LP was their sorta hope to get a passge to somewhere/anywhere whether it be first class o' baggage didn't'hep hallucinogenic heads always hated them because they represented showbiz 'n square bread 'n by this time th' teenyboppers had moved on/growed up 'n th' new generation o' kids were stoned on downer drugs to block out any thoughts o' th' draft to'audience here (utah uni.)sound like an older lounge crowd 'n they kinda dig it so th' combo aint playin' to silence...theres a funky folk vibe goin' throughout with some rocky jazz skreech 'n some lame-oh comedy which kinda smacks o' desperation, but it adds to th'period charm so its cool...a nice disk 'n cats who dig th'studio wax gonna dig this too...


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