Wednesday' good thing about ol'school soundtrx is that a lot o' different bitz 'n pieces o' sound could co-xist 'n th' whole pakkage worked a-ok...thats whats happ'nin with this waxin ...hollywood big band skewerd arrangements, hippyspazzed avant, orchestral avant 'n harrys own style o' off th' wall kwirky' flik itself is major studio countercultural swill starrin well past th' sell by date hasbeenz such as a real out to lunch groucho playin god, a totally screamin bonkers scene o' lsd trippin,'n more looneeness than a cat can shake a stick at,ooo-eee-ooo...they dont make crud like this anymore 'n th' place is all th' poorer for it...a proper piece o' late six oh groovyness is bubblin here...


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