...combination o' two gigs in frisco durin' 68, one at th'carousel ballroom'n th'other at th'avalon, these are th'tunes they were playin' leadin' up to th'promotion for cheap thrills, th'LP that would break th'combo to th'detriment o'all concerned...with th'carousel show its becomin' apparent this is startin' to be janis's show, th'others are startin' to be relagated to paid sidemen, th'ruff'n tumble that used to be a big brother show with th'freaked R&B explosions o' pure lysergic batterin' are bein' cooled out'n eradicated, hippy bread is bein' scooped up by ruthless management'n th'cats will be expendible, superfluous to requirements...this ain't a bad scene goin' down, its just a sad scene, 20/20vision that hindsight allows shows th'end is already on th'cards bein' played out on th' stereo...magic's still in th'air o'course'n not more so than on trk4(light is faster...)where th'ol'messed up freakout comes a pummelin'n it sounds like earlier times, when wig liftin' madness was always gonna'ol'snakey acid voodoo seems to be more evident on th'avalon half, with amplifier hum addin' to th'good ol'BB noise, th'cats are more fired up, pushin' th'chemical funk forward, janis respondin' to th'tribal screech'n thud, they're operatin' as a mindfryin unit o'single determination as time'n space dissolve into th'void...


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