...totally wigged piece o'freakout rock-blooz-folk from th'last days o' big brother,it would soon be time for janis to be 'convinced' by devious management that her trip lay elsewhere,without th'band,a star in her own listen to this wax shows that aint necessarily th'case cos all th'cats're firin' on all cylinders,rockin' out a storm,happy to be at newport,layin' some good vibes on th'crowd,workin' th'hippy mojo,spinnin' th'magic groove through th'audience...everyone havin' a good time,flippin' their collective lid,no-ones buggin',just gettin' to th'stoned spot where IT all comes together,soarin' to th'cloudless sky...dig janis havin' a great time(even though they came on late'n some techy problems crop up),she's diggin' th'crowd,she's diggin' her psychedelic compadres,no boozed up bad trip raps that excite purient 'hips',just a flipped out weed groove,true modern beatnix journeyin' across th'folk spectrum,spacin' out on th'electric vibe that dylan had kicked off 3years previous at th'festival...(dig trk3 where they name check ol'time banjo cat buell kazee whom th'audience aint really sure who that is,this is a cool acid rock modal trip version o'th'CooCoo tune-dig also th'square tryin' to be hip EMCEE at th'beginnin',th'cube aint gotta clue)...they follow up with a smoked-out groove(combination o'th'two)takin' it all further with janis shoutin' encouragement to james gurley as they rip roar to infinity,a cats gotta dig this th'most...a magnificent reminder o' why BB&th'HC were one o' th'all time HEPnacious voyagers o' rock'nroll,they encompassed 20th century music,music by'n for th'people,jazz/blooz/country/R&B/RNR all rolled into one,so th'joins hardly showed,all bubblin' in a psychedelic gumbo,various spices poppin' up to add more flavour,weavin' th'trip ever outward...NICE...


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