...right from th' getgo two thangs 're obvious 'n thats th' possibly worryin fact that they start this second elpee with a heavy rock version o' 'th' man who paints...' th' heavy rocks okay cos theres enuff doom'n mystery to th' sound that its actually a promisin indication o' whats to come(theres gotta be some comparison with early steppenwolf on th' trk)' fact that they start with a reworkin o' their top toon could be shenanigans but they could be runnin outta ideas, could be a rough trip or ' a new adventure into new sonix...second trx is barroom blooz, result o' tourin round playin to th' squares...acidblooz, again like da'wolf, is whats happ'nin next with nice fuzzed string bendin...then theres a lounge jazz take on th' ol' 50s standard 'fever' with some groovy late sixoh geetar up is some cool buzzin heavy stoner doom fulla some cool phat bass echo throb followed by a mellow jazz suite which in turn gives way to syd barrett/arthur lee grooviness complete with flute...gospelcountryrock crops up then th'last numbers th' late bloomins o' psychpop, a good 18months after th' summer o' love, with some nods to th' doors 'n love with flutes/harpsichord/jimbo style summin up th' verdict gotta be that its a worthy follow up second platter if'n th' sounds goin mainstream rock its not yet become generic 'n thats a good boss groove...


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