Monday' last great LP by a once interestin' combo...radical chic political sermonizin' balanced against drugged up nonsence is th' stance this wax takes...'all ya private property is target for your enemy' is one o' th'trendy/lefty/anarchy situations they throw up for consideration though how much private property they had not many outside th'frisco elite knew for sure(except maybe th'c.i.a/fbi/goverment spies/drug dealers) serious th'underground freedom fighters such as th'weathermen took this anti-establishment middle class babble is hard to say at this late juncture but if'n rags like rollin' stone took them seriously then somethin' o' a music biz plot seems to come to light 'n their 'radical stance' was aimin' to capture dissaffected students on their passage into adulthood 'n sell useless wax for a few years 'n this seems very much to have been th'case as th'recordin's, which they had full control over became lazier 'n stodgier until they disappeared from th'radar into a galaxy far from th'reality o' this planet...only marty came away with something worthwhile but even he became unglued for th'last 'n final time in th'early 70s...volunteers is nothin' short o' a glorious mess when all said 'n done with th'tuneage all over th' place- lurchin'n fallin'n risin' in a constant swirl that can get a cat to wonderin' whether a freshnin' o' th' bong maybe needed to bring some semblance o' order...this coulda been a great steppin' off point to becomin' a real political rabble rousin force in counterculture terms but sadly they circumbed to their amerikkkan upbringin'n entered their name into th'money grubbin'' live cuts that come as bonus show they were really a live hard rock jammin' outfit as was th'frisco ballroom ethic in th'first place...up against th'wall/tear down th'wall...


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