...this is a summin' up o' th'ildjarn early daze(92/4) with demos'n unreleased gear that stretches for a full up two disk blowout...frantic guttural screamin' in strict janov primal terms from th'deep 'n lonesome basement that th'true visionaries o' rock'n roll time goes ever on a cat must get to thinkin' that th'real deal is only found in damp lost back room'n cellars fulla dreams 'n dust...this voyager from th'metal underground rides a riff straight from th'long gone great darby crash'n th' germs(surely one o' th'heppest o' street level swill mongers in th'annals o' rockin), with cheap squealin' guitars'n rattlin' drum thuds'n cracked cymbals'n th'bass ploomps out an economic coupla'relentless barrage o' bad tempered angry noise can act as a psychic entrance to netherworlds o' unknown thought 'n ancient wisdom that can only appear when th'conditions're right... from th'frozen north where winters 're long this ugly stoner riffin' monotony that can act as a balm against th'media onslaught o' scaremongerin' untruth'n outright disinformation...with th' bong freshen'd this whole two'n half hour bad trip to th' darkside can be a white light experience with new vistsa 'n avenues openin' up for a few' usual black metal bad/non-xistant production/wobbly balance/quick edits make this slop a taser to th'centre o' th' mind...


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