...studio cats who helped out on bobs blonde on blonde 'n discovered dope, later in th'six ohs became area code 615'n put out a coupla platters'n then some o' 'em took up as barefoot jerry'n knocked out a bunch o' stuff thru the 70s...this slab dropped in 74'n is some funky southern country rock with some cool tunes extollin th'green, a bit o' jazzy country'n a coupla ballads that could be sappy in lesser hands, but here they sound pretty ok...also dig that cover with its fake underground comic style, my-tee fine'n dandy...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot


12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great album-had the cover on my wall 4 years-wouldn't have the 1st would u, called southern delight
thanks, keek

8:31 AM  

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