...no wig liftin jams this time round yet again but at least they'd hooked up a good dealer for now up they have visions o' bein a loungeblooz outfit o' sorts...th' wax kicks off in fine basement style with a top riff purloined from th' stonesian catalog o' keefisms...yus sir its 1969 accordin to these hepsters 'n th' 70s aint arrived...th' second cut shows elvis isn't far from their stereo cos th' singer has just toked up th' heaviest bongload 'n th' king is filterin thru in all his memphis magnificence...in fact elvisism is all over th' grooves with beerjointgospel 'n nightclub vibes gettin bizzee with th' occasional nod to ballroom geetar psych weavin in'n out...a few rock snobs dis this as just more junk on a low par with all/notatall but this is much more than that, its damaged cats lookin for th' entance way to play...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! now that's quick "service".......tanks alot!

10:39 AM  
Blogger frumious bandersnatch said...

All Ya-Ho-Wa's records from this era are cool. Discovered them thanks to my taste for everything Sky Saxon was involved with. Great work, as always, Mr Spaced Saviour !
thanks a lot !

11:22 AM  

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