...jerry hahn'n his quintet only got to make this one LP'n thats a drag cos its a real winner'n itself shoulda been a double wax,not just this 30minute voyage into post-bop-gypsy-psychedelic-raga-belly-dancin jazzbo all kicks off with some bop grooves'n gradually moves outward to take in some fusiony flute,psych guitar twangin'n squeaky fiddle'last coupla numbers get down with raga blowin'n eastern jammin in a ballroom style,'n when these guys played th'fillmore auditorium back in th'day they set th'stoners on fire with th'snakey noodle-bop vibes they let loose...may take a coupla spins to get in totally but once it hits its a stone groove all th'way,in th'pocket'n fittin nicely...


Blogger Miles said...

thanks for the jerry hahn, and the tribe collection.

jhq may be the shortest full length recording i've ever heard, but it's also one of the tastiest! thanks for the introduction.

the tribe date on the other hand, could have been broader in scope, but i'm not complaining. it's great music from a very creative collective of musicians. i hope this will serve to inspire those interested to search deeper for more. some of the phil ranelin recordings are out there, and readily available.

thanks again.

3:08 PM  

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