Sunday th'time these trx were laid down in 69/70, jesse hector had been rockin' out in various guises for at least a decade'n it kinda shows with these angry hippy/bo diddley/anarcho-teddy boy thrashers...heavy rockin' street thuds o' poundin' insane riffs that push'n shove with relentless energy'n fervent passion...cats maybe wantin' a reference point could stir th'followin' into th'noggin; mott/deviants/stray/fairies/stackwaddy'n see what comes up cos thats where these cats stand, on th'cusp o' th'seventies with other hooligan talents all ready to take th'hard rock blooz sounds into another stratosphere...this is th'sound o' th'outlaw cats who live outside th'cozy 'record industry village', scarin' th'label bosses with their high energy vibrations, their positive belief in th'power o' rocknroll, th'no compromise stand they put up, no evil suit was gonna tell them what to do, none o' this endeared them to th'capitalist machine that knew it couldn't stand an onslaught o' street level honest vibes...these demos eventually saw th'light o'day in 91 when they appeared in a limited edition gatefold wax, a very nice little tribute to one o' lifes great real cats, jesse hector...


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