...beau seemed off to a grand start with his songwritin'/singin' career with shows on BBC local radio then local television called'n shows were produced...dandelion records got in touch to offer some kinda contract to produce a long playin' record for th'emergin' hippy audience that had been gettin' larger'n more aware o' itself since th'poetry readin' gig at th'albert hall with ginsberg as star attraction back in 65...(interestin'ly there was noises made about beau gettin' a go with elektra records though it turned out they didn't need more folkies)...theres a yanquee influence with this first disk that tempers th'anglo sound with slight transatlantic commerciality (beau was big zimmerman freak at th'time)that coulda paid off given different circumstances, if'n maybe he'd been aimed at a older crowd but th'intended audience didn't seem too interested...real life'n historical facts're spread across th'tunes addin' to th'downbeat vibes, in fact so much real life'n history that he scored a hit 45-record(1917 revolution) in th'lebanon, a place that knows all about real life etc...very nice disk that repays after a few listens, worthwhile...


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