...when german polydor records at th' beginnin o' th' seventees agreed to front up some studio time 'n bread to live on for these hep cats they didn't xpect what th' outcome o' this merger produced...this was rock music as conceived filter'd thru a mixin desk 'n as such its no surprise to hear th' record start with some wizzin noise 'n th' stones 'n beatles filterin thru th' resultant' stones represent th' emergant rock culture as seen thru 'street level swagger' 'n th' fab4 symbolize th' studio trickery that pyschodelix brought on...stereo pannin 'n channel hoppin edits that mix other galaxy n'awlins marchin band grooves with fx laden'd acid rock geetar/space rock shenanigans with arcade beeps'n bubbles...some irrelevant stoned chat like zappa used to throw in to give th' whole thang'n otherness, 2 (un)realities becomin th' third, a hyper reality...tape manipulation/found sound/prepared piano, all have a place on this crazy quilt o'mindmelt squelch...theres th' right amount o' looseness goin on that stops this from bein a college avant garde xercise perpetrated by art school squares with th' imagination metre on zero...(this is how pink floyd shoulda been soundin after splittin from' architecture students buildin on' lessons learnt from syd how to make th' studio go all gloopee soup, or indeed th' dead shoulda got bizzee with this type noise after gettin hep to th' studio 'n wantin to record 'heavy air')...rushin sounds wizz'n glide 'round th' channels with modal wah-wah noddin to th' previous stoned years o' eastern mysticism jammin that been goin down in certain sectors o' underground society...even with all th' changes o'direction'n quick edits theres a completeness that smooths th' whole thang into a continuous journey that gives no indication o' time passin, suspension in th' future/past NOWNESS is th' prevailin ethic, achieved without any hesitation that they might be doin th' 'wrong thang' o' th' first elpees to help define some o' th' ground work for what would later become known as krautrock this is one outtasite set o' grooves that today sounds like others wish they did...'n nobody really knows if it ever happen'd...


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