...second go round for eno in his quest for pop stardom, tho this would be pop stardom in some parallel world cos even tho these toons're very accesible their avant streek is goin to leave them just outside th'pop sphere in th'mid 74, when now glam has been codified'n th'winners seem to be th'sweet'n bowie so no need for eno cos th'dame himself th'ol' chameleon o' pop has th'avant-pop star gig sewn up...most o' this is highly amusin off centre clever pop with nice instrumental interplay boppin about in th'mix, happy visions o' syd barrett arise occasionally givin a cat to wonderin about roxy music spearheaded by syd'n eno with brian ferry as a teacher back in newcastle...again this wax reminds one o' earlier underground pop doodlers soft machine, theres a most enchantin/disturbin quirky village atmosphere permeatin th'vibes, a place where nothin is as it seems, weird reflections that alter landscapes so each footstep is an unwittin adventure into th'heart o' otherness, a place where everythang is understood by th'initiated without communication in normal channels, telepathic signals from a reality just under th' horizon...guests include robert wyatt/phil manzanera/portsmouth sinphonia, a nice little mix o' sideways lookin talent...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my favourite records of all time, way out on the fringe of pop but still pop, avant garde but so catchy, familiar but so strange, forever fresh. Most of Eno's stuff is not like this but none of it is better.

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