...produced by wunder kid genius van dyke parks, ry got this released in '70 'n its his take on th' 30's country blooz with depression era lonesome funk...gospelly grooved 'n olde tymey jazz vibes hang in th' air 'n take a cat from reefered basement tape sessions to laurel canyon dusty roads windin high into strange mountains filled with peyote dreams...perfectly captures a time 'n place that was desperately tryin to free itself from th' burnin rage that spread all across th' land from sea to shinin could a poor cat stand such times without bein drawn into th' madness...


Blogger Slidewell said...

I bought this album in 1970, purely for the evocative cover. I was 15, and something about the Airstream trailer on the sunset desert compelled me to spend money on music I hadn't heard and wouldn't truely appreciate for many years.

Ry was unfairly criticised for being too "academic" in his approach to American roots music, but nobody plays slide with more feeling and character than Cooder.

Seventeen years after buying Ry's 1st, I started playing the lap steel, and subsequently have devoured slide guitar music in all its permutations, from Hawaiian to Sacred steel. Ry Cooder still sounds fresh to me every time I put it on. If you've read this and haven't downloaded, check it out and Ry's beautifully ragged and dusty music will grow on you, I guarantee.

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