...when it comes to acid damaged seven oh avant rock swill this second platta from one o' th' all time frisco freeek 'n trash combos comes out way on top...forward thinkin psychodelik basement drugrock...skreeechin metalik geetar clatter, violin skweeekin, tape cutupz, radio transmission from th' bizarre zone, all overseen by a b-movie cheap trashiness that makes this stand right out...collision o' far out combos like vintage 75 cabaret voltaire 'n 27$ snap on face in th' pharmacuetical wing o' primeval yesteryear...better than nearly everythin hyped as acid monsters by cuboid salesmen o' shattered dreams...


Anonymous kevinass said...

hey there.....i think i may have already axed, but just in case, wuz wondering if you had "read only memory" by chrome...i loves it, but cant find it! tanks in advance

1:44 PM  

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