Sunday o'those LPs that transpose two eras while inextricably linked to one th'others never far from this case th'eras are th'70s lookin back to th'60s, th'ghosts o'such 'real' luminaries'n visionaries as th'elevators 'n SRC(1st 2 wax)'n th'vibes o'san francisco ballroom R&B/avantpsych combo, th'other half...a forward lookin' motion pervades givin' th'sound an urgent feel,always waitin' to throw shafts o' guitar noise in economical burst that dependin' on a cats intake o'sweet smoke can last for as long as they last though within' th'confines o' 'physical' time dwell many temporal structures...interestin' also is th'fact that this was released on elektra records, once a label to trust but fell into bad practise with regard to not puttin' out any o' th'hotcha grooves from planet strange, a sixtees brand if there ever was one had by 1977 found th'true spirit o'pioneerin' rocknroll once'true spirit o'th'doors first wax, loves first, MC5'n not to forget that magnificent pop weld from crabby appleton, all grooved forward injections o' rockin'n poetry slammin' its way into consciousness o' hep cats everywhere...because o' th'release date'n th'fact they're hooked up to CBGBs, access to promotion in euroland'n tourin' they got picked up by th'punk generation, at least th'ones who partake o' th' leaf, which gave them th' necessary push to glory'n longevity o' name if not momentous as th'first pere ubu in layin' down new ground rules for psychedelic rockin' (ubu psych was more prog avant but travellin' similar early paths in disk release)...definite psychedelic dungeon vibes call out, offerin' new hope to all who were flounderin' in doldrums o' despair waitin' for th'guidin' light offerin' elevation(as indeed roky/tommys elevators had a decade before)...this copy is not newly tweaked'n messed with to make it sound 'fuller' on th' 'modern stereo set up', this is what was originally heard when cats were list'nin' back in th'day, a nice trebly edgy sound, rough bits still intact not smoothed into air conditioned states o' prozac'cover shouts homemade, local combo makes a disk, which is a nice plus today though not noticed as such back awhiles, it just seemed new'n economic o' style, miles away from prog 'masterpiece' artwork...


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