Sunday was a funny ol tyme back in th'six-ohs over there in th'eastern climes what with th'bad result in th' military complex world cup some decade'n half earlier 'n th' strugglin' to throw off that bad shame by becomin' westernized in 'n attempt to own th'planet financially 'n sell shoddy futuristic lookin'' upshot o' this confusion o'east/west 'n capitalism/spirituality was this combo who captured th' bewilderin' state o' affairs with planet destroyin' sonic art which spreads in all directions but stays in th' same groove, th' groove o' perpetual motion thru chaos 'n complete jumble-jamble'd befuddlement...whether th'vibe is slow blooz or nuclear explosion feedback th' mighty rallizes ossilation never ceases...this is th'latest (semi legit?) comp 'n its a good trawl over th' years o' diseased noise...startin' with some sixties poppunk racket with a blue cheer in a vacuum sound, then some folk but with th' required amount o' th'ol' denudes scrape'n smear...then into th' main reason for this existin, three long blasts o' some o' their 'greatest hits' differin' versions from th' booted ones(possibly, who knows, th' confusion surroundin' these cats is proper rock'n'roll mystery dreamtime but so inkeepin' with th' life long art vibe o' documentin' japan fall into a skitzodelic malady as many other money-grubbin places)' sound o' collapse is always imminent but this far into th' game most onlookers know that th' teeterin' on th' brink style is all part o' th' aural canvas, it will survive no matter what may come...this must be seen as th' primary rock'n'roll version o' lamont youngs eternal drone theory put into strict practise, makin' th' velvets look like mere dilettantes, 'n diggin' trk4 brings on visions o' th' godz gettin busy with their stretch'd out percussion/harmonica frenzy, or indeed th' good bits o' red krayolas first' whole vibe o' ESP-Disk does hang over this coz th' free spirit jazzbo jammin' is always never far from th' surface, th' wishin' to bring about change is everpresent though a sombre knowledge that change will come, as it always does after amounts o' time, but that change may not suit th'more free thinkin' amongst th'humungerous horde...whilst keepin'n eye on th' skies this is recommended without reservation for layabouts across th'physical/imagined lands'n th'hep universal MIND...


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