...dig that spacedout cover, bargin bin (cos thats surely where this wax went, its too good to survive the rigors of squaresville) heads will know immediately that this wax is tiptop groovaciousness from th' first peep o' this low budget artwork extravaganza...from th' 1970 inner city life o' cleveland comes this stoned 'n funky acid hard rock blowout,loaded with basement fx that are a total trip...smokin geetar riffin madness all over th' shop underpinned by heavy bass that stays in th' groove all th' way through...also social conscience lyrix help make this one a way powerful sonic turn it up 'n turn it out aural' last trk is a 15minit speaker rippin mashed trip to inner space 'n back with some free spirit jazz horns lockin in with th' geetar frenzee...a heavy heavy monsta sound that dont disappoint in any way...


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