...kwiki xploito release to mop up any hippee bread that might be around followin th' demise o' everyones fave the time it seemed a not very fittin end bein a coupla possibly less than essential singles 'n a side consistin two live trx seeminly picked at random, but with th' passin o' many many moons its 'n okeedohkee release...' original idea behind this platta was to be stevies solo venture but after a few days in th' studio he knew he needed his ol' muckas back so in came chris 'n jim to reform th' combo that made top noise together...another xtremely chippa bunch o' jazzrock tuneage, with a bit o' folky touches speshlee on th' title cut, was th' was now time to take on th' seventies with a fresh spring in their step...


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