...legendary underground hardcore/avantnoise/dada/metalpunx let fall a hardtofind compilation o' some o' th' heavy 'n heady swill from earlier times...kicks off with some skronky-riffed jazzbo tune to mislead th' unwise into thinkin' they got some parallel universe wobbly lounge LP 'n then hurtles headlong into some half-hour-worth 'o avant deathmetal style stoned screamin' gutteral roar from somewhere south 'o hades with speaker shreddin' fx-pedal guitar screach buryin' its way into th'nearest cranium prepared to go th''last 20minits is a 3-part progged-out sound collage o' dronin'/chantin'/end o' th' world white noise blast o' madness...cats with adventureous ears'n sense for th'absurdism in art should get on with this real fine,in need o' a worthy spinnola...


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