...hi-fi snobs're gonna freak with this boot from their 'favourite' combo coz this ain't th'sorta sound they go for AT ALL:rough cut edits/a coupla different sources/tape hiss/audience coughin'n all th'things that make listenin to illicit gubbin's th'funnest o' fun...theres plenty o' ace soundin' board boots where th'band're as lethargic'n tedious as th'studio versions in th'later days but this, from december/22/70/sheffield U.K is prime-post-syd groovage where th'sound quality must be o'secondary consideration...great spaceways funky jams like embryo/controls/eugene/saucer all make for an excellent 2&1/2hours o'floydian'gig finished up with a 30minute A.H.M addin' just th'right amount o' toppin' to a fine slice o'vintage floydian pie...


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