...recorded when this combo was a 5piece it is in many ways th' best o' th' psychodelik 'fly, (not countin when they turned into a heavy seven oh rock band), coz th' songs are shorter 'n more consise...when they're not bein a monolithic cathedral on bad acid or a trippedout lounge aggro a cat can detect a real underpinnin o' some good ol' greezee r'n'b, no doubt bought about from th' teenage years spent in oppressive san diego garages 'n lowrent beer joints...mainly remembered in most parts o' th' planet for th' long gaddavida blowout 'n chain store hippie apparel this biskit holds up as a good xample o' young cats gettin to grips with th' new music takin over th' sunset strip 'n other teenoh hangouts durin 67...


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