...theres only one thing better than list'nin to country music 'n drinkin beer 'n thats list'nin to hank thompson 'n drinkin more beer... what hank dont know about writin beer drinkin songs aint worth a tenn'see hill o' beans...whether drinkin to get rid o' that thar hangover or just plain cryin into th' beer hanks been 'n done it...this wax is one half hour 'o top country from 65 'n includes a beer drinkin polka 'n not too many disks have that to recommend them...


Anonymous Dgrador said...

so far, if'n yer strange stylin's talk me inta d/lin' the darn thang, i'll prolly luvvit.
Workin' on Hankand los pistolas at the moment. Gracias

1:09 PM  
Blogger Evil Do'er said...

got to say this is great!

2:27 PM  

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