...its purported that bill burroughs called these master musicians a 4000year old rock'n roll band 'n though this is spurious at best seein how burroughs didnt dig rock'n roll 'n he wouldn't sully these cats name with such obviously fake blabber...that was probably put about by some 'music promo hype square' but no matter th' vibe is there plenty with this wax 'n th' drone groove is big noise with certain trendys ('n underground honchos) these days 'n all cats gotta dig th' trance since rock found th'avant garde in th' 60s...these joujouka cats been layin down th'drone hypnosis vibe for centuries 'n its handed down in th' musicians familys so th' groove is pretty tight'n funky...theres a psychodelik whooshin goin on in th' production which makes it a meetin o' western capitalist shuck/ancient tradition, but th' trendy gimmik o' whooshin gives this xtra 'take off for th'cozmos' value so it dont matter anyhoos, its seems only 'world music' dullards take up any stance about this pervertin th' pure sound o'ethnic musicians playin some intrinsically beautiful music... a very cool trip to th' heart o' NOW 'n th' universe beyond reality...


Anonymous goinsidemyhead said...

.......i feel like William Hurt in Altered States...

5:49 AM  

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