...theres been a few cashin 'n boot versions o' this great rockin slab due to th' impression that th' first release was a bit too muddy 'n basement...thats just a matter o' taste 'n audio snobbin shouldn't come into hot swill rock'n'slop...this one is th' mix that thunders knocked together in 3nights in '83 'n th' mix is still cellar dwella cool but johnnys copped th' opportunity to clean his geetar sound somewhat 'n th' result shows he's hep rockin geetar slinger with a real love o' th' instrument 'n a good grasp o' th' history o' th' way th' sounds had developed in th' previous two decades...still more suitable to cats o' th' rockin persuasion 'n not th' hi-fi bores...comes with a diff'rent trk order 'n two bonus cuts that come from th' original tapes but left off th' first go round...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! Los De-al Re-al. You got LAMF live-Max's?

12:52 PM  

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