...twentieth century composition as seen thru freak eyes livin above hollywood observin th' madness o' midsixoh paranoid consoom'rism 'n slavish devotion to th' status quo, be it squaresville drones 'r up2th'minit kount'rkultral hippees...has been referred to as a ballet, but such snobbish chat is for th' hyperreal johnnycomelate citizen 'n not th' more street level heads...its a hep 'n hotcha slice o' jet age slipstream collage o' cinema verite with zonked freex/lowriderbluecollargreasers (scripted 'n fake as fits th' hollywood settin), california music references (surfin for th' old folks/r'n'b spillage), dice'n slice cartoon flik soundtrk instro 'n anythin that might challenge preconcepted ideas 'n life...a soundtrk for times that were changin too fast 'r too slow dependin what side o' th' minddivide 'r generation gap a cat chose to noted, listen to side one first 'n turn up that teenage record player...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't seem to be getting many comments on yr great posts, Spaced. I don't understand why. These are great great albums you be posting. Lumpy Gravy, Mott The Hoople, Vanilla Fudge. If I didn't have all these albums already I'd be overjoyed to see 'em all posted here....

11:50 PM  

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