...excellent compilation o' strayness from their inception under th'stray name to th'first demise in 1977...theres no gettin' away from th'fact that th'first two LPs were great rifframas o'heavy teenage rockin', somewhere between th'pink fairies'n may blitz with super fx pedal strummin''third wax onward they picked up a more yanquee sound through some tourin''n checkin' out th'radio th'seventies rolled on they picked up th'boogie rock that was gettin' popular with stoned out teenage suburban rockers but could never break into th'big league, there was always some obstacle in th'way,keepin' them on th'second tier but through it all th'riff seemed to be th' most important thing though they fleshed it out with some prog elements(varyin' keyboards)'n some funk moves with soulful femme backin' vocals...they tried to generate interest in th'mid seventies by gettin' a retired london towne gangster to manage them but after th'initial headlines it all come to naught...a coupla trx ain't up to much but mostly its a fine look at a combo who may have peaked too early cos th'first two disks were spot on heavy rockin, then th'momentum became diffused but when list'ned through in one sittin' this anthology shows their diversity was their strength if not their sellin' point...


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