...when eno parted company from roxy music it was basically th'end o' that combo from a future rockin' point o' view...they may have gone on to sell a stack o'wax but was it any good, worthwhile hearin? th'answers gotta be a BIGFATNO, blander'n blander lounge croonin'n anemic disco not fit for any heads consumption...this wax is just one example o' how enos self confessed nonmusician noise was way out in front o' his former colleagues...mixin' in some dollops o' primo soft machine/some solo style ayres absinthe vocalization on some glam lookin' pop all smeared with his squiggly moogeewoogee noodlin'...'n excellent start to th'next thirty years o' recordin (tho a cats on his own when it comes to some o' that ambient stuff, thats 'nother deal completely)...


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