Thursday all started out kinda promisin for graham back in th'hinterlands o' th'1970s when in around 76 he was touted as th'future o' rocknroll just as springsteen had a year earlier'n some even tried to persuade th'great unwashed that nils lofgren might fit th'bill as leadin light in th'rockin stakes but it was graham th'brit weeklies lined up for lionisation...he'd had a first class day job in th'guise o' petrol pump attendant which held him in good stead with th'street hoodlum element, th'rowdy public house layabout beatnik who needed a fix o'fresh blood in th'pub rockin circuit...what damaged his flight to th'top was th'advent o' punk in full throtle with th'pistols tearin up th'rule book'n elvis costello comin on with literate weak versions o' th'parker voodoo which was essentially R&b filtered thru a heavy dose o' van th'man 'n warm bitter beer...recorded at two shows done for th'BBC in march77'n again a year later...punchy grooves fulla finger poppin twisterama thats just right when th'heat treatments needed...sits well alongside a goodley dose o' brinsley schwarz who at one time supplied part o' his backin combo...


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