Sunday cats get together 'n jam out some tunes for a quick hippy cash-in 'n unexpectedly for all concerned it turns out to be real good, not th'usual rehash o' ol' trx or lame lounge acts gettin' th'whole deal into one non-understandin mess...plenty o' tape manipulation'n channel hoppin' which is real cool 'n groovy scene 'n makes for chippa reefed'd-out 6-oh list'nin...second side is for meditaion (first side is th' freakout party) 'n is packed out with some funky sitar strummin' 'n weird'd out wordage for contemplation...bells 'n cymbals tinkle 'n clang 'n whistles wizz about th' stereo spectrum makin' this as high on th' rotation pile in any pad in flipsters' whole wax is so much better than th' actual music scene its hopin' to represent itself as, or at least parody...who else sounds like in any given moment th' fugs/tim leary/folkrockscidpop (insert fave 67 combo here)/dylan/beaver'n'krause/jeremy steig/zappa, 'n all knocked out inna few hours...a wild ride clyde 'n that cant be denied...


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