...back in th'mid 70s ol' lou was gettin' busy with th' rewirin' o' his nervous system...with his mind'n ego suitably fried he came out with his best solo offerin'n last great disk, a incredible way to finish up th'first decade o' bein' th'velvets...harkin' back to th' early 60s eternal drone theories that were goin' round avant underground circles in NYC, th'original double wax had a locked groove at th'end o' th' last side so it lasted as long as th'list'ner wanted or indeed needed...whats happ'nin' here is two mono channels pumpin' out lous two guitars feedin'back 'n tape splicin', so effectively blastin' a cat with double th'scream'n scrape givin' off 2-hundred-percent throttle on th'cranial matter...put this biscuit through th' 'phones 'n all velvet heads will dig th'galaxies meltin' without th'medicine box givin' up its up a bong'n th'entire fabric o'bein' will mutate into endless variations o' th' ever present NOW givin' incites into different realities that can only be glimpsed on personal zeitgeist moments...


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