...back in th' day when these kinda things mattered there was a school o' thought that held forth with th' proposition that this was indeed th'fab4 back together to claim their rightful position in th'poppermost pantheon...such nonsense wouldn't get too much creedence in todaze world o' tired cookie cutter conveyor belt parade o' non happenin shenanigans where everythin' that ever was is rehashed 'n remixed into some kinda gloop but in mid seven oh land many folks were waitin' for th' second comin' o' fabocity'n they were waitin' with such fervour that this hype took hold (at least till cats had heard th' disk)...sure thing boss, there is some late psych fab moves'n proggedout powerpop swirlin' about 'n my-T fine it is too'n backawhile it was a great lobe loobin'n still holds up as a work in its own right...played back2back with th'first shoes wax its th'world as seen by fabfans grown up some...quite possibly their best effort...


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