Monday' whack ceegee cover art informs th' astute cat that this here coaster is o' dubious legallity which usually 'nsures some sorta fun at th' very least 'n when checkin th' date this was recorded (2002) fingers have to be crossed...first off it starts with th' keyboards set on that real nasty 80s/90s clean bleatin bombastik but weak sound which is so whackadoodle most right thinkin cats are lookin to fast forward at th' very least, if not move away completely...but hold on brotha things look up somewhat with th' next cut 'n that horrid keyboard sound dont come back too often as th' disk proceeds...a coupla later tunes are dispensible but th' top notch hits are here...not too much workin out what they might be, headmen,fantasy,feelin alright, th' coasta aint a complete loss but would be better served if th' recordin were a bit more on th' ol' funkee side as would befit th' age 'n nature o' th' hep tunes...


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