Thursday' murky fog 'n generational tape hiss haze here is possible entrance into some psychedelic netherworld full o' distortion 'n distraction with little hope o' returnin' th' same...although an illicit recordin' by a cat who seems to be wanderin'round at this oslo92 gig its caught th' whole basement black metal ethic o' punked out cheap recordin', keepin' it real...this shoulda got a proper release'n upped th'whole standard o' BAD sound(this makes th'mayhem demo look major release material)' whole room seems to spin round'n due to all th'distraction present, list'nin' makes for a trancy time as a cat gotta concentrate'n all conscious thought o'th' outside world disappears as occasional bad temper'd gutt'ral bursts erupt over nonstop machine drummin'...small infections o' basic riff screechin' ooze from th'primordial swamp o' fowl sludge enticin' th'listner ever onward...under th'right conditions this makes it into th'avant garde parallel universe o' cinema verite/found sound/glimpses in time/momentary recordin'...thats th'first side, side two is some prog? suite o' ambient ancient space rock where th'centuries call out to th'ancestors secret codes o' esoterica...again due to th'cheap synth whacked out recordin'(not to mention gliches 'n scrapes), this is cool for layabouts who got a sense o' humor, otherwise prog purists who dig th'squeaky clean sound o'lesser combos such as college proggers yes 'n floyd 'n t.dream gonna have to resort to heavy narcotic pillows to weather th'23minits o' e.c comix weirdness...


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