...theres a whole mess o' thud'n thump punk rock screech goin' on with this super-nice collection o' crazed swill, both live 'n studio from late '70s'n on for a decade...its th'sound o' bad drugs'n cheepo-cheepo beer all peculatin' ready to explode...something approachin' a less arty flipper with th'freeform spirit o' 77style punk, this trashed out combo from th'bowels o'NYC have always been true to th'underground rockin' vibe'n never sold out...layabouts with strong views on such matters can be assured that list'nin' to this is th'real deal'n not some flakey-foont type squares lookin' to snag some bread with cookie-cutter-punk...this is true aural slop from th' back alleys'n basements o' abandoned buildin's, where junkys lurch 'n flop in a stupor bought on by an excess o' society...


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