Monday's 'nother one o' those cats who travel th' less known paths when it comes to presentin themselves to th' rest o' th' world so 'nsurin they will remain forever obscure 'n preserved in a time 'n place o' their own makin...this coaster is made from a coupla sessions recorded 'round 68/9 so therefore predatin his 'major rarity' waxin that became hot 'mongst th' chatterin collectors out in th' kuboid' recordins 're ruff 'n ready basement level folkrock direct from greenwich village 'n not th' jinglejangle west coast version 'n th' low-fi-ness helps make it sound more like its beemin outta middle earth fm station on transistor with failin batt'ry...real nice late at night when most negative 'nergee has disapated for 'nother day...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man, this stuff is all right! thanks!

5:56 PM  

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