...along with such fellow visionaries th'velvets/elevators/dead(when they were a credible force)/amon duul, who trod th'path to enlightenment through trance rocknroll, swedens baby grandmothers set th'contols for travellin' spaceways'n off they go sailin' into th'ether o' experimental mindmeltiness...mixin' in power attack ballroom psych style guitar noodlin' with proto hawkwindian riff'n thud these cats take journeys into th'clear light environment o'acid wonderment...long(up to 20minutes) jams float'n meander, ever circlin' lookin' for th'entranceway to play, th'displacement o' temporal structure indicatin' th'HERE&NOW is always fleetin' never to be truely captured, only glimpsed in passin'...considerin' these tapes were scraped up from th'long gone media summer o' love they give off a fair sound that all searchin' rocknroll layabouts will be glad o'...


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