...theres some kinda doomy vibe hangin' over this platter...its not always present on every trk but enough overall feelin' to let cats know it aint far away...made in th'spirit o' th'times which for this wax was post basement tapes 'n th' whole shebang o' goin' back to a time'n place that might or mightn't exist...a simpler way of life, away from th' capitalist war machine, into mountain hollers 'n pastures far away in some kinda reefer'd outpost for freaks 'n all right thinkin' amongst th' occilators 'n oversized drum stomp're olde-mountain-thyme banjo grooves with resurrected folk lyric kinda like th'clatter'n hum that troublemakin' avantgardst'r henry flynt was goin' for, who also was hangin' in NYC,with th'same kinda hep appalachian in th'city way o' doin things...


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