...cheepo cheepo xploito release from their reformation in 1993 with unknown location/date to give it that xtra anonymous feel that hardly anythang comes with nowadays with all th'so called 'information' available so a cat just gets brain mush now its flo 'n eddie/turtles, th'two bein interchangeable when it comes to playin for th'roobes'n this aint no better no worse than layabouts who been diggin them for a few years would imagine though this is turtles hits all th''main area where this scores is th'last four trx with trk 9 providin a medley o' hits from a live appearance at miss teen u.s.a pageant 1969'n th'end three bein from b.b.c radio 1967 which come complete with th'dj introin them...a small but nice addition to th'folk rock pile most cats got lyin on th'shelf...


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