...when th' downpresser man got his grip on th' 8tees 'n all right thinkin cats were gettin th' thin edge o' th' ever decreasin wedge 'n th' fuzzy end of th' lollypop was turnin to water under th' heat o' minds fryin from capitalist glare some good rockin was needed to counterakt th' oppressive air that was stinkin up th' gaff 'n makin it hard to get th' oxygen that r'n'r can supply to every head thats open 'n receptive...thats where these gang o' trashed out reprobates come in...meldin early seven oh glam such as th' sweet, denim suburban hard rockin from th' mid 7 ohs before punk hit like ac/dc 'n wrappin it in enuff stoopid to get everyone from skwares 'n moral guardians to t.v'd out burgermunchers to kick up a stink... satanists on bad drugs makin'n unholy skweelin noise cos they cant play was offered up by cuboids as to why they shouldn't be given houseroom...o' course that sorta verbiage is a recommendation to rockers everywhere who recognise that top rock'n'roll is stoopid but stuupid aint top rock'n'roll...even though there are a coupla klunkers that needed a bit more fine tunin this wax sounds even more nescessary today than a kwarter o' century rockin indeed...


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