...if th' charlatans had been influenced by th' quarrymen 'n a hards days night hadn't been made then we'd have no beau brummels or possibly more importantly no byrds... then by this rule of chillicity th'fullness would come out top banana (along with th' spoons who woulda been th' turtles)'n bands like notes from th' underground coulda only been th' this twisted world scenario sopwith camel enter somewhere but their possible jazz inclinations make th' axis tilt some more 'n th'celestial chess player would have no alternative but to make them blood sweat 'n tears...dig th' sounds o' this great band 'n imagine 4decades o' music from a different perspective...


Blogger IncaRoads said...

Thanks, Mr. Savior!

The further we go, the rounder we get...


5:13 AM  

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