...any recordin's featurin' th'amazin' judy henske has gotta be th'ultimate in good humoured groovin'n if'n this double disk blowout proves anything then it's th'fact that it shoulda been a full box set featurin' every last drop o' henske magic cos this is gonna leave any cat wantin' more...on th'first disk some younger cats may have a problem with some o' th'humour seein' as its four decades ago'n it may seem somewhat hokey but its what was happ'nin back then so its just a matter o' gettin in th'groove'n goin' with th'flow, at th'least its a window on th'mores'n ideas o'different pre-hippy times...judy's at home with most styles be they folk/jazz/blues/pop or any permutation thereof, givin' them all a spin with her distinct all starts with her doin' some fifties rockroll style with massive gospel sound takin' it home, real cool start'n it gathers momentum with a few trx from her elektra period showin' she coulda easily been a contender to front combos like th'airplane with no problem...towards th'end o' disk one sees her makin' records at goldstar in LA'n shes groovin' in a heavy cher folkrock way with jack nietzche layin' down th'wall o'sound for her to bounce off...side two is kickin off from her period with straight records in th'company o' jerry yester(fresh from his tenure with th'ailin' spoonful who were by then 'persona non grata' with underground scenesters due to their finkin' onna dope bust)with th'mighty 'farewell alderbaran' longplayer followed on by some trx from th'rosebud effort which saw an end to judy workin in th'music biz until th'end o' th''last half comes from th'coupla coasters she put out in recent years'n shes still got that gospel wailin' vibe she always had'n these later trx don't disappoint one iota, she still th'beatnik queen who'll shatter tempered windshields in th'parkin' lot...


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