Sunday lou reed before 'em'n th'dead also, sonic youth understood th'necessity o' a good R&B groove to get th'party movin'n gettin' th'whole shebang into a trance vibe then everything gonna work out fine...goin' under th'nom-de-rock ciccone youth these latter day art-beatnix come over all funky'n jammy groovin' into th'krautrock hemisphere via mid 80s NYC beat-boy culture'n get down with th'electro-drum-hip-hop-beat in a 'wild style'...over these drum collisions they lay down cheap guitars(j.mascis from dino jr. helps on one trk)which sometimes get in th'groove with so much gusto visions appear o'primo syd down th'UFOclub gettin' into one o' his mystic trance moods where time goes round in ever decreasin' circles 'n lasts an eternity(at least till th'spells broken)...messy electronics blur across th'soundscape'n some low rent nob'n fader twiddlin' takes place...50s boho vision poetry'n cinema verity style blabber(just like some o' th'early M.O.I sides with suzy creemcheese)intersperse th'beats'n othertimes they lay down th'grunge-funk(with minuteman mike w.)with much arty detached zeal as they can for all cats who dig th'artschool dance goes on forever can rest assured they will get into th'groovey, its up there with th'best o' sonix noise for th'simple fact that nothin' is as it seems, who knows what lies behind th'mask, whether th'mask is real or if th'whole deal is one big o' th'greatest rock combos to walk th'earth, who still make noise worthy o' thought,(dig th'SYR series o' recent years that show they still can get into th'mind-transferal-jammin'-unit when th'mood strikes)made a worthy statement about mid 80s music trends'n dont come over all smug'n clever, they're loose limbed'n on th'hip'n most o' all they got some good humour blarin' out to keep th'party smokin...


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