...mutant rhythmn&blooz takes its place in th'maltshops/shoppin' malls/psychedelic dungeons o' th great society o' johnsons amerikkka...insinuatin' its hungry freax into th'cuboid workaday world o' uptight plastic people, these unwashed beatnix poured their exotic doowop 'n folkprotest rock'n'roll into robot minds waitin' to be free'd from th'grip o' chrome plated agony o' th' capitalist death cult wagin' its war against everything in its o' th'early wax that kicked off hippy underground rock'nroll noise o' th'mid 60's 'n th' lyrics 're still relavent (which is a stone drag cos not a thing was learned when th'potential was at its highest)...askin' questions that still need to be answer'd such as who're th'brain police'n can they freak out in kansas if'n it couldn't happen here...has one o' th' only songs to talk honestly o' th'riots in watts in 65...last side (4) is an early avant-rock choogle blast that will melt teenage minds if'n protection isn't sought even approved by suzy who really 'n sincerely recommends ya'll get some o' that motherly love...


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