...taped at some waterin' hole called th'smart bar in th'windy city back in prime youth daze 1985 this is a nice soundin' boot(few glitchs here'n there but nothin' to get dragged about)that shows off th'combo with great aplomb,this bein' th'years before gettin' snarled up with corporate beancounters'n other lackeys o' th'new world order...starts off with soundin' like patti/lenny kaye back in 74'n if they'd had th'heavy ampage, kim givin' out with some great smithian dirge poetry...second trks 'death valey 69''n this is super noisy soundin', kinda like a mach truck hurtlin' into a solid brick wall, a great pile up o' jammin''guitar tones're piercin'n twangin' throughout th'set, a real cool botheration o' th'strings leadin' to heavy disturbances o' th'air, which is enhanced from th'listener stand point with th'upfront capturin' o' th'proceedin's, sounds like they're in th'room blastin' nearly always with th'sonix, when they're into their groove(y)'n th'trance vibes're flowin' theres a total at one-ness with th'great sound pioneers o'th'rock'n'roll past, th' early velvets come flowin'n 69/70 floyd is never far'youth're openin' up new vistas on this evenin',headin' into deep space, breakin' on through to th'other side, lookin' into th'unknown swimmin' into th'void across th'crystal seas o'ecstatica to psychodelphia...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There couldn't have been more than 40 people there. Smart bar is in the basement of Metro, and is relatively small.

11:03 AM  

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