...right from th'get go a totally drugged beatnik vibe is thrown up with a doomed folk rock jangle goin' on 'n grace wailin' ina modal eastern vibe like a possessed inter-dimensional bein' cos she's definitely on another plane o' consciousness, indeed they're well off in th'dream state,totally grooved up...showin' their love o'rock'n'roll'nr'n'b they blow up in a flowin' jazz mode, everything is comin' naturally 'n th'whole combo're vibin' off each other diggin' th' moment...even when they get down with some folkpop, th'currency o'th'day in th'new super hip cher&sonny world but by th'time it moved north to frisco it had consumed a narcotic state o'degeneracy 'n its sounds radical in th' societies hands...they get down with english rhythm&blooz straight from th'crawdaddy club 'n some garage rock but th'sound is different again with these cats,its much more loose 'n spread around boppin' in hallucinogenic trance...partly gene vincent filter'd thru electric dylan...if'n dylan had done more acid instead o' th' speed th'society coulda been real cool workin with him onna nearly equal level cos th'whole dylan ethic o' gettin real 'n gettin free with th' truth is happ'nin here all th' time...trk nine is about their support for lenny bruce, th' artschool bohos respect th' freespeech nightclub entertainer with th' overdose o' cuboid thinkin pushin him under...if'n they stayed 'round instead gettin involved with th' 'plane at gigs they'd been well hep with th' ballroom crowd cos they'd stretched out without knowin time was passin...this disk is their single plus demos 'n th' non production is spot on with th' vibe cos studio gloss no matter how rubbish it might be these guys gotta have th' tape on only, no unnecessary knob twiddlin cos they get bizee buzzin in superfried o' th' greatest combos o' all time 'n all layabouts need to be diggin th'temporal wobblin' vibrations that're liberated once more...


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