...delaney&bonnie gettin laid back with some mellow grooves with some serious friends sittin in,duane allman'n joe cocker,gram parsons to name but three,with their usual band layin down some slightly less frantic gospel revue grooves...a good time bong party revival is kickin up with all th'cats just weavin around,shakin in a cloudy haze o' optimism,tomorrow will be a better day,everyones loose'n funky,nothin is strained,just pure vibrations passin 'round keepin th'hippy freedom train usual bonnie puts in a terrific performance as th'street-wise hip soul goddess with th'heart o' gold,a perfect confection o'carnaby street pop soul meets southern down home back porch sunday mornin a bit o' an aside when janis died th'serious bread was lookin to bonnie to step into th'limelight but th'carole king laurel canyon earth mother whinge got th'straight societies attention(bonnie was lookin too funky,too real for middle class consumption)...


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